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May 24, 25, 26, 31 & June 1.

Hed Hi Studio, 654 King Street

GA $30  all shows 7:30pm 

Em and Belle, a lesbian couple, are the happy new parents of a son named Rory. Belle harvested her eggs and carried the baby, with a friend providing the sperm. However, the procedure resulted in six embryos, and the couple must now decide what to do with the remaining five. Belle wants another child, but Em demurs. Do they donate the embryos to another couple or to science, or let them be destroyed? The play shows their lives over a decade, as they grapple with this decision and their changing lives. This show contains themes of fertility- please take care. 


RED LIGHT NIGHT: February 2024
The Void's Annual Fundraiser

A queer dance at Music Farm 

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Golden Gate - July 2023
By Lindsey Kirchoff
Directed by Corazon Stegelin

SHIP - June 2023
By Douglas Williams
Directed by Clyde Moser

Succulents: The Art of Adulting- Feb 2023
By Leah Roth Barsanti
Directed by Maari Suorsa

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